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At Home Training Sessions

At Home Training Sessions: 

Warm Up:

Dynamic Warm up – (rest in between each activity for 15-30 seconds)

-Jumping Jacks (45 seconds)

-Jog in place (or slow jog around your yard) (60 seconds)

-Elbow to opposite knee (45 Seconds) (while standing, bring right knee up, bring left elbow across body, bring knee down, switch to opposite knee and elbow)

-Lunges (10 each leg) try not let your knee touch the ground!

-Toe Touches (10 seconds x 2 reps) Put feet together, keep legs straight, slowly reach down as far you can with your hands.

- Quad Stretch (10 seconds x 2 reps) While standing straight up, bring right heel back and grab foot with right hand, lightly lean forward to where you can feel stretch. Switch legs

Individual Juggling – 10 Minutes 

1)  For beginner players, See how many juggles you can get with using only one bounce in between each juggle. Aim to get to as many juggles as the players years old.

Juggling Pattern: Right foot, bounce, left foot, bounce etc.

2)  For intermediate players, Aim to get as many juggles as possible without the ball hitting the ground. If the ball does hit the ground, try to keep juggling off the bounce. 

Juggling Pattern: right foot, left foot, right thigh, left thigh, right foot, left foot, right thigh, left thigh etc.

3)  For advanced players, See how many different parts of the body you can use in a juggling sequence. If the ball hits the ground, try to keep juggling off the bounce. 

Juggling Pattern: Right foot, Left foot, chest control, right thigh, left thigh, right foot, left foot, chest control, right thigh, left thigh etc.

Get creative with these juggling combinations! Challenge yourself! If it is too easy, move to the next level. 

Week 1: Close Control 
Week 2: Change of Pace and Direction 
Week 3: Redirection and Finishing 
Week 4: 1v1 Moves; Seated Juggle and Finish 
Week 5: Juggle Mania 
Week 6: Air Balls, Juggling, Stalling & Fitness
Week 7: Dribbling Patterns and Finishing
Week 8: Fitness Challenge 


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